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Outright Winner Odds

An outright winner is the winner of a given league or tournament.  The outright winner betting market is the single betting market that can have the highest variation in odds pricing between betting sites.  This is especially the case when you are considering a potential outright winner that is not the heavy favourite.

Potential payouts can range, by from 10% to around 20% for typical short odds options, if not the heaviest favourites.  Sometimes outright winner odds can range up to 50% and on occasion they can range approaching 90% depending on the teams or players involved.

With such significant differences in potential payouts and the length of time you may need to wait for your bet to potentially payout, it makes a lot of sense to compare outright winner odds before you make your bet.

Example: Imagine you thought that Leicester City was going to find a way to climb the Premier League mountain again for the 2017/18 season after failing to defend their crown in 2016/17.

Early season Premier League winner odds for Leicester ranged over 66% !  The highest odds were at 251.00 (250/1) and the lowest offered were at 151.00 (150/1).

What if your one bookie was offering 151.00? If you were going to bet $50, your potential returns would have been $7,550 as opposed to the $12,550 being offered at these other sites.  It takes only a few seconds to use OddsJet to find this information before you bet - it’s so easy.

Saudi Arabia Sports Betting Issues

The best betting odds for Saudi Arabia come through comparison

A lot of people have a misconception of how betting sites make money.  Many think that bookies make money when you lose and they lose money when you win.  This is not how it works.  To better comprehend, the situation, think about the of the entire situation on a given wager for the betting site.  They accept stakes on all potential outcomes of a given event.  Their goal is to make a little bit of money on each event, no matter the outcome of that event.

For this to happen, each bookie sets their betting odds in an effort to balance out the overall potential payouts for all outcomes for which they have accepted stakes.  When lots of wagers come in on one outcome of an event, they will subsequently lower the odds on that potential outcome, and raise the odds for the other outcomes to encourage bets on the other sides of the result in an effort to balance the eventual payouts.  In the end, the bookie hopes to pay all the winners from the stakes of the lost bets, and be left with some money to be counted as company revenue.  

What does this mean for you?  If you like to bet fairly frequently on Ante-post or outright winner markets, or if you like combination or multiples betting, it likely makes a lot of sense for you to use an odds comparison site such as oddsjet.com.  Not simply an odds checker, OddsJet, allows you to find the best odds from reputable online sportsbooks for your bets of interest, as the differences in your potential payouts for your bets can be significant.

After all, people nowadays compare prices for all kinds of products and services like airline tickets, hotel rooms and loans in order to get the best value available on the market.  Usually these services might range in price through their respective providers by as much as 10%.  When it comes to betting, the odds for a single event can vary by 10% - imagine when you start betting in combination.  The differences can be truly significant, often ranging between 20% and 50%.

Luckily there are great free online betting tools like OddsJet.com that allow you to instantly compare the odds for your bets of interest so you can get the highest potential returns available through the best odds on the market. The Youtube clip above shows you just how simple it is to use OddsJet find your best odds no matter what league matches on which you’d like to bet from Saudi Arabia.

Comparing odds lets you play in a reduced margin environment

With online sportsbooks, just like business, earnings come through profit margins.  Odds margins are usually set anywhere between 2% and 10% depending on the sport, the betting site and the betting market (match betting, goal totals, handicaps etc).  This is how you would calculate odds margins for a typical football match with 1X2 match betting.

[(1/Decimal Odds Home)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds Draw)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds Away Win)*100 ] - 1= margin

Chelsea - 1.80      Draw - 3.50    Watford - 4.10

[(1 / 1.80) * 100 + (1 / 3.50) * 100 + (1 / 4.10) * 100] -1 = 8.51% in margin.

When you play with only a single betting site account, you must play with the odds that this lone company provides.  These odds are based on their own collection of the bets they’ve taken and the odds margins they’ve bulit-in.  Your opinion on the game is at the mercy of their odds and their margins.  With the kind of profit margin example above, you would need to win around 60% of your bets over time in order to maintain profitability.

With OddsJet, because you get a chance to instantly compare odds to see the best potential payouts for your opinions, your odds margins could be calculated like this:

Chelsea - 1.85     Draw - 3.70     Watford - 4.50

[(1 / 1.85) * 100 + (1 / 3.70) * 100 + (1 / 4.50) * 100] = 3.3% odds margin.

By comparing odds in the example above, your available odds margins have been reduced by over five full percentage points from over 8.5% to 3.3% for a single event bet.  When this kind of improvement is applied to your overall betting patterns, you can thus stay profitable by winning a little more than 50% of your bets as opposed to nearly 60%.  Thus, finding your ideal odds with OddsJet gives you more room for error toward profitability.  Thus even when it comes to single event bets, OddsJet can really help you identify where you should be placing your bets.

Combination and Multiples betting odds

Most bettors like to bet in combination or with multiples to ‘cover all their bases’.  If you really like combination or multiples betting, then you certainly need to look at OddsJet.  Look at the kinds of benefits you saw above for single match betting results.  Imagine you are now multiplying those advantages by four, five, six or seven matches, or even multiples where we are talking about several combination bets.  Potential payouts between reputable bookmakers can range as high as 50%.  Imagine that, 50%!  Your bets are the same, but some companies are willing to pay you 50% more.  Try OddsJet, it is free to use and completely private - no sign up required, and it works from any connected device.